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President Vincent Steinhauer “I am honored that you are considering Blue Quills First Nations College as a part of your life-long learning journey, and if you are a current student with us, than I congratulate you for choosing to experience our unique learning educational institution.”

We take great pride in ourselves as an Indigenous institution whose collective leadership style and academic programs are grounded in traditional Indigenous knowledge, ancient sacred wisdom that has been transmitted orally over several generations through ceremony, language and land based teaching.

Our graduates confidently walk in two worlds – Indigenous and Western – due to the transformative experience of their academic journey, a journey that heals the soul while also providing the knowledge and skills necessary in contemporary society.

As we celebrate 44 years of Indigenous control of Indigenous education, your role as a student in this program is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. We are here to serve, support and assist in whatever capacity we can to ensure your success. You are our strongest advocates.

President Vince


What’s New!!

Blue Quills First Nations College Board of Governors has made a motion that clearly states that we need to move to the next level of Education.  Therefore we are looking at renaming the College as it becomes known as a University. Please bear with us as we work with all of our First Nation members and interested parties in developing a suitable name that reflects that motion.  Once we are all “tepeyimoyahki” with our new name, we will announce and celebrate.