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Students at Blue Quills have a student email account – Click on My Blue Quills to sign in

My Blue Quills

Screen Capture - Gmail Login

Enter your email address where it says “Enter your email”

Your email is address is:

Screen Capture - Username

Click on Next

Screen Capture - Password

Click where it says Password

The first time you access your Blue Quills email account the password is Earth01$

You will be prompted to create your own unique password after your first sign in. You will also need to accept the terms of agreement.

Screen Capture - Terms of Agreement

In order to use your email account you need to click on the “I accept, Continue to my account” button. You are agreeing to the Google Terms of Service.

To create your new password type your new password first in the the “New password” text box and again in the “Re-enter new password” text box.

Screen Capture - New Password

*NOTE: If someone else is already logged into gmail on the same computer, click on the linked text “sign in as a different user” then “add new account” when a list of users appears on the screen.


Blue Quills offers blended learning courses and opportunities on its Moodle site which is located at:

To sign in, click on the top right corner on the link that says “log in”

Screen shot - moodle sign in link

Type in your user name.

NOTE: Student user names on the Moodle site are: firstname.lastname

Screen shot - moodle username

If it is your first time signing in, your password will be Earth01$.

After signing in for the first time, you will be prompted to change to a new password.

Screen shot - moodle new password

In order to create a new password, you must first enter your original password Earth01$. Then type your new password first in the “new password” text box and again in the “new password (again)” text box.