newo-isîhcikewina mâmawikapesiwin Four Ceremonies Gathering Cultural Camp

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University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills Annual Cultural Camp is scheduled to begin Monday, May 30, 2016.  The objectives of the Cultural Camp are to:

  • provide a collaborative experience in a natural traditional setting/camp environment,
  • bring the generations together,
  • nurture & celebrate the spirit of the Family,
  • provide emotional and spiritual healing opportunities that will empower community members to break the abuse cycle and continue the healing journey for generations yet to be born,
  • facilitate dialogue circles on traditional knowledge relating to social organizational structures and healing, including Elders teaching stories,
  • raise awareness and reclaim traditional social organizations and community processes: extended family, collective responsibility, caring for one another,
  • live away from the influences of contemporary social experience (nuclear family housing, media, entertainment (in traditional mountain territories to restore our relationship with the land),
  • participate in traditional spiritual ceremonies, and
  • revitalize language.

Printable Cultural Camp Schedule


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